Rubis Classic Tweezers with­ Magnifyer

Rubis Classic Tweezers with Magnifyer combine Rubis Classic Tweezers with an adjustable 8-fold magnifying glass. The precision slanted tweezer tips ensure the full removal of each hair, roots included, and the attached magnifying glass allows you to see up close without the need to hold a magnifyer in your other hand. The Original “Swiss Tweeze” Rubis cosmetic tweezers provide the highest level of precision for removing unwanted hair – they are perfectly aligned, stable, resilient, and ergonomically suited for effectiveness and ease of handling. These tweezers are the result of a combination of the latest technology and superior traditional Swiss workmanship based on more than 50 years of experience.Each pair of Rubis tweezers is individually crafted and tested for weight, balance and performance to guarantee top Swiss quality. They are made of anti-acid, stainless surgical steel and can be sterilised in acid or boiling water. All parts are numerically ground and polished – none are chrome or nickel plated.