Brow Code Wax Warmer


Step #1 – Connect the wax warmer to the power supply.

Step #2 – Turn the wax warmer on by tapping on the power button.

Step #3 – Set the temperature by touching the temperature increase (+) or temperature decrease (-) button.

Step #4 – Once the temperature is set, the wax warmer will automatically begin melting the wax.

Step #5 – You can adjust the temperature to C°/ F° using the unit switch button to set the display of the temperature.

Step #6 – Ensure you have switched off the wax warmer after use by tapping on the power button.

Auto Shut-off Feature:

The Brow Code Wax Warmer has dry burning-resistant protection. When the maximum temperature has been reached for one hour, the Wax Warmer will give a loud beep and automatically turn off. To continue use after shut-off, simply press the power button and adjust the temperature to 70 Celcius/158 Fahrenheit.

The Auto Shut-off is a safety feature specifically designed for ensuring the longevity of the Wax Warmer, with no need to worry if you have forgotten to turn it off. Wax Warmers that are left on too long will continue to heat, which will not only cause the wax to burn but is also a fire hazard.


  • Please unplug the appliance when finished using or not in use.
  • Keep the area around the machine dry, do not place the wax warmer in water or pour water into the wax warmer.
  • Do not use the wax warmer if there is damage to the power supply.
  • Keep the wax warmer away from children.
  • Please do not use the wax warmer to boil water.
  • Do not use the wax warmer while bathing.



The Brow Code Professional Wax Warmer is a digital wax warmer suitable for all hot and strip wax. The sleek, stylish, and black Wax Warmer offers quick heating capabilities for efficiency, a non-stick surface coating for ease of clean-up, and a compact design for travel convenience.

Pair the Professional Wax Warmer with our Design & Define Hot Wax for the ultimate waxing experience. Brow Code Wax is best used at 70 Celsius/158 Fahrenheit. The wax should be a honey consistency. If you find the wax too stringy, this means the wax is not warm enough.

The Professional Wax Warmer Features:

  • A Spatula Bar to rest the spatula on. This will help create a mess-free workstation while saving space and time.
  • A Teflon-coated non-stick surface, which makes clean up easy.
  • Rapid heat-up capabilities.
  • Adjustable unit switch.
  • Digital thermostat controls.
  • Digital temperature display.
  • See-through and vented cover to ensure temperature regulation and assist with monitoring.
  • Fixed and stable design, including non-slip bottom grips.
  • Auto shut-off after one hour of use to assist with safety precautions.


  • Maximum temperature – 120 Celsius/248 Fahrenheit
  • Capacity – 500ml
  • Power – 100w
  • AC-Input with 110-240V, 50HZ
  • Size – 154 x 183 x 92mm

12 Month Warranty:

To ensure the safe use of this product, our company complies with AQSIQ and the implementation of after-sale services. Excluding After Services:

  • Beyond the free maintenance period.
  • Damage or breakdown caused by the customer.
  • Incorrect use or customer did not follow instructions.
  • Customer disassembled product.
  • Damage caused by human factors (error operation, bump, drop, incorrect voltage input.)