Daylight Slimline 3 Satin Black Desk Light

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The Daylight Company presents…

The Ultimate LED Slimline Table Lamp


This powerful LED table lamp will add value to any nail or beauty salon with its super high-quality slim satin black design and powerful 4,300 Lux bright light at 6″ from 80 ultra bright daylight™ LEDs. This lamp uses only 5W of energy but provides an incandescent bulb equivalent of 155W of light. It provides 35″ long arm reach and even wide coverage of light which is ideal for large work surfaces. The daylight™ technology also reduces eye strain and glare for healthy vision and allows true color correcting for color matching when painting or looking at photographs.

  • Irresistible high-quality satin black
  • 80 ultra-bright daylight™ LEDs
  • Bright 155W equivalent of light, using only 5W of energy
  • Lamp brightness 4,300 Lux at 6″ and 1,630 Lux at 12″
  • Total amount of visible light emitted in Lumens is 522 lm
  • Adjustable 360° rotatable shade
  • Integrated on/off switch for easy reach
  • Height adjustable from 6″ to 21″
  • Double flexible arm with 35″ reach for wide spread of light
  • Comfortable low heat light and great colour matching
  • Fast assembly, with two parts: Shade and Arm
  • Supplied with high quality metal clamp – (max opening approx 55mm)